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Find Human Resources Schools in Alabama and learn about HR degree options. Many students feel that a campus setting provides the best learning experience for them, while others are searching for flexibility from online HR schools in Alabama. Learn more about the program details from human resources colleges in Alabama, select one or more of the schools listed below, and request information directly from the schools that offer the HR & business programs in Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, and more.

Get specific information about schools that offer hr degrees in Alabama and determine whether you should pursue a certificate, bachelor’s, masters, or even higher level degree. Get to know the differences between the programs offered at human resources schools in Alabama and determine if a human resources management degree, HR MBA, or a supplemental certificate would be the best fit for your particular career goals. Get started now by requesting information from schools.

Find answers to your questions about financial aid, tuition, degree options, class schedules and more. Request information directly from schools.

HR Degree Options for Alabama Residents

The field of human resources has become an exciting and popular career choice for students and obtaining a human resources degree in Alabama is the best way to get started. As companies continue to merge and grow, it is critical for them to have a highly focused human resource department. The most important asset of any company are it’s employees and employee salaries are the largest expense. It is very important to the success of any company to have qualified staff who can handle the personnel side of their business and act as an intermediary between the employees and the company.

The options for students interested in a human resources degree in Alabama are similar to other majors. The range includes degrees at the associate, bachelor or master level. Your career goals will determine which degree you should pursue. You should also consider your potential salary. The average salary in HR in Alabama is $68,000. A higher degree will move you above this average and would be over $100,000 at the senior management level. Obtaining an HR degree in Alabama shows future employers that you have the knowledge to handle all of their human resource needs.

The largest employer in the Alabama is an automobile manufacturing plant although there are nine other businesses who have at least 3,000 employees.

Online HR Programs in Alabama

Many schools have utilized advances in technology to provide students with the ability to earn an online human resources degree from any location that has an internet connection. This freedom to earn an online human resources degree in Alabama is great for those individuals that lack the ability to drive to and from a college campus. Now, students don’t have to put their lives on hold in order to earn an online human resources degree in Alabama.

Alabama State Demographic Information:

Alabama Population 4,599,00 Alabama Labor Force 2,199,600 Alabama Unemployment Rate 8.30% Alabama Median Household Income  $38,000 Alabama Per Capita Income $30,800 *Source:

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