Human Resources Certification Texas | TX

There are two types of certificates available and your choice will again be determined by your career goals. Obtaining a human resources certification in Texas shows that you can meet national standards in the field of human resources. In order to sit for the exam, a certain number of years of experience are required. The exact years are determined by the level of education you have achieved. There are two levels of human resources certification in Texas. These levels are PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources).

The PHR certification is the first level of certification available. You can qualify for the certification with four years of experience without a bachelor’s degree. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you only need two years of experience and a master’s degree only requires one year of experience. In order for you to obtain this certificate, you will need to know about labor laws, human capital development, risk management and strategic development. A certification at the SPHR level requires at least 4 years of experience with a master’s degree, 5 years with a bachelor’s degree and 7 years with less than a bachelor’s degree. Topics covered under this certification include those mentioned above as well as workforce planning, rewards programs and employee/management relations.

The SPHR HR certification in Texas is typically designed for people who already have an HR degree but want additional education at the graduate level. This can also be helpful for those who are already in a management role in other departments who want to cross over into the HR field.

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