Human Resources Certification Ohio | OH

Many people working in human resource departments have both a degree and certification. Although it is not always required by businesses for it’s staff, it will build your resume, show potential employers that you are skilled in all facets of human resources and that you have initiative. It will also allow you to continue your education after you have obtained a degree. A human resources certification in Ohio may also give you a pay increase, depending upon the company.

The two levels of human resources certification in Ohio are called PHR and SPHR. Both levels require several years of experience before you are eligible for certification. If you have a higher degree, you can obtain certification more quickly because the number of years goes down as the level of the degree goes up.

The Professional in Human Resources certification (PHR) requires you to have at least four years of experience if you do not have a bachelor’s degree. This includes an Associate’s degree. If you do have a bachelor’s, then only two years are required. However, only one year is required if you have a master’s degree.

If you want to get HR certification in Ohio at the senior level (SPHR), you will need seven years experience if you do not yet have a bachelor’s degree. The number of years goes down to five and four with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. As you can see, there is a benefit to spending time to get a higher degree.

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