Human Resources Certification New York | NY

Obtaining human resources certification in New York is another option available if you are looking for a career in human resources. However, most people will get a degree and then supplement their education with a certification in order to be more marketable, continue to build their resume and increase their pay.

If you are interested in obtaining a human resources certification in New York, there are two main options. The first option is a Professional in Human Resources certification. Before you are eligible for this certification, you must have a minimum number of years experience in a human resources job. The number of years you need to have depends on the type of degree you possess. A master’s degree only requires one year, a bachelor’s degree requires two years and anything less than that (including an associate’s degree) requires four years.

The second type of HR certification in NY that you can get is a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification. This certification is for people who want to rise to the top level management positions. It provides additional education beyond the bachelor’s degree level. This certification is also popular among people at the management level in other departments who would like to make a lateral move into the human resources field.

In many cases, the company you are already working for will pay at least part of the cost of obtaining one of these certifications.

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