Human Resources Certification Nevada | NV

Human resources certification in Nevada is also available for people interested in a career in HR. The basic options for certification are PHR (Professional in Human Resources). The next level of certification is SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources).

When you have obtained human resources certification in Nevada, it gives important information to your potential employers. They will know that you have mastered the core principles of the human resource profession and they will know that you have initiative and are serious about your profession.

Many HR professionals work toward this certification while they are working in a human resources job. This allows them to continue their education and gain experience at the same time. It also allows them to stay current on the most recent policies and practices in the HR field.

HR certification in Nevada at either level will require a certain number of years of experience. You need four years of experience in order to be eligible for PHR certification. This requirement drops to two years if you hold a bachelor’s degree. Only one year of experience is needed if you have a master’s degree.

Certification at the higher SPHR level requires seven years of experience. This requirement is reduced to four years with a bachelor’s degree and four years for those who hold a master’s degree.

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