Human Resources Certification Minnesota | MN

Getting your human resources certification in Minnesota is another important step toward building your HR career. This certification is a great way to continue your education related to human resources. The senior level of certification is also used by management professionals in other departments who want to cross over into human resources.

A human resources certification in Minnesota can be earned with four years of experience in the HR profession. If you have a bachelor’s degree, only two years of experience is needed and if you have a master’s degree, only one year is required. The PHR is the initial level of certification that is available.

You can also become eligible for an HR certification in Minnesota at the senior level with seven years of experience. The requirements for this SPHR certification are reduced to five years if you have a bachelor’s degree and only four years if you have a master’s degree.

This certification will show current and future employers that you have the abilities and knowledge to handle the core principles of the human resource field. It also confirms your desire to stay current in the profession. The increasing importance of this certification is the reason many people in the HR profession use online sources to pursue their education while they are acquiring practical experience.

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