Human Resources Certification Kentucky | KY

It is becoming more important to also obtain human resources certification in Kentucky. If certification is not required in the job posting, it is a possibility that working toward it will be a condition of being hired.

Getting human resources certification in Kentucky is important for your career. It will show potential employers that you have mastered the skills and knowledge that are needed to perform in the HR field at a high level. This will also show that you are committed to your profession and are interested in staying updated on the most recent practices in the field.

There are two different levels of HR certification in Kentucky. The initial certification is called PHR – Professional in Human Resources. The higher level certification is known as SPHR – Senior Professional in Human Resources. Before you are eligible for certification, you must meet minimum requirements for years of service. The higher your degree, the fewer years that are required for certification. This is why many people decide to work in the HR industry at the same time they continue to pursue certification online.

Certification at the PHR level only requires one year of experience with a master’s degree. If you earned a bachelor’s degree, two years of experience are needed and without a four year degree, four years of experience are needed. Eligibility for SPHR certification requires four years experience with a master’s degree, five years with a bachelor’s degree and seven years if you don’t have degree.

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