Human Resources Certification Hawaii | HI

Are you thinking about earning your HR certification in Hawaii? Typically, people with a career in human resources pursue this certification online while they are employed. This certification confirms that they are a professional in the field of human resources. It also proves that you have the knowledge and the ability to meet national standards.

PHR is the first level of human resources certification in Hawaii that can be obtained. This is a Professional in Human Resources certification. You must complete a specific number of years of service to be eligible for this certification. The number of years is dependent on the level of your degree. You can become certified more quickly with a higher level degree. These are the prerequisites: master’s degree – one year, bachelor’s degree – two years, less than a four-year degree – four years.

The senior level of human resources certification in Hawaii is an SPHR. This is a Senior Professional in Human Resources. The requirements for years of service for this certification are: master’s degree – four years, bachelor’s degree – five years, less than a four-year degree, seven years.

Since you are required to have experience in the field before you can obtain certification, most HR professionals choose to pursue this certification at the same time they are holding down a job in the HR field.

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