Human Resources Certification Delaware | DE

You also have the option to obtain human resources certification in Delaware. People in the human resource profession usually do this because it shows they want to continue their education and it shows future employers that they have initiative. People typically focus on two different kinds of human resources certification in Delaware. These levels are Professional in Human Services and Senior Professional in Human Services.

The HR certification in Delaware that you decide to work toward will be decided by the goals you have for your career. The number of years you have worked in the HR field will be another factor. Both types of certifications require a specific number of years of experience before they can be obtained. If you have a higher degree, you can become certified much more quickly.

Certification at the PHR level requires one, two or four years with a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or less then bachelor’s degree, respectively. Certification at the SPHR level requires four, five or seven years for the same types of degrees.

Most people in the HR field find that it is beneficial to get a four year degree and then get a job. While they are gaining practical experience in the HR field, they continue to pursue a higher degree and their certification online. This will allow them to advance further in their profession.

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