Human Resources Certification Connecticut | CT

People interested in a career in HR can also obtain human resources certification in Connecticut. Obtaining certification is not always required, but it is recommended for anyone who is serious about making HR their career. Obtaining this certification will make your resume stand out, and it will show your prospective employers that you have ability to satisfy nationwide benchmarks related to human resources. If you want to obtain human resources certification in Connecticut, there are two main options, PHR and SPHR.

PHR (Professional in Human Services) certification is the initial level you can obtain. Eligibility requirements indicate that you need to have a certain number of years experience in the field of HR. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you need to have four years of experience. A bachelor’s degree and master’s degree need two and one years of experience. You can see that it is a benefit to have a higher degree. This is why many people choose to continue their education online while they are working in the HR field.

The higher level of HR certification in Connecticut is called SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources). The number of years service that are required for this certification are 4 years (master’s degree), 5 years (bachelor’s degree) or 7 years (less than a four year degree).

Obtaining certification will show that you have all of the skills and knowledge that are needed to successfully function in the field of HR. Many people make the choice to pursue certification online while they are working in the field. This helps them gain experience and work toward certification at the same time.

This certification confirms that you have met the national standards related to how to train employees, maintain employee files, evaluate potential employees and handle payroll. Certification at the higher level shows that you have the ability to create and manage programs related to employee benefits, compensation, evaluation and development.

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