Human Resources Certification Alabama | AL

Getting human resources certification in Alabama is another option available to people who want to build a career in the HR world. A degree is not required to obtain this certification, although it will make it easier. To be eligible for certification there are several years of experience that are required. More years of experience are required if you do not have a degree and this number is reduced for each higher degree that you earn.

The first type of human resources certification in Alabama is a PHR (Professional in Human Resources). This certification requires four years of experience. The number of years drops to two if you have a bachelor’s degree and only one year if you have a master’s degree.

The next level of HR certification in Alabama is an SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification. Seven years of experience are needed to be eligible for certification. This drops to five years with a bachelor’s and four years with a master’s.

Gaining certification will help you a great deal in the eyes of your peers, employees and organization. It will confirm that you are committed to a career in human resources. It will also show that you are willing to make the effort to stay updated on the latest practices in the field. Your peers will have more trust in your opinion and knowledge. Your superiors will also have more confidence in your ability to manage all facets of the human resource operation.

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