Industrial & Organizational Psychology Degree | IO Degree

As businesses and organizations become larger and more complex, there is a need for applying the principles of social psychology to the workplace and it’s effectiveness. Many organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors are beginning to understand the value and necessity of employing individuals who can assist company leaders and HR professionals and provide direction and structure to ensure that the organization thrives for its employees, shareholders, and customers. There are now several schools offering online organizational psychology degree’s, which is helpful for the working professional who would rather not interrupt their careers and prefer to enhance their education while continuing to gain on the job experience in HR and management roles.

Organizational Psychology Degree Program Curriculum

  • Selection & placement of key employees
  • Training & development
  • Employee motivation
  • Building effective workplace cultures
  • Organizational development & change
  • Measuring performance & evaluations
  • Worklife quality & balance
  • Customer & consumer psychology

Industrial & Organizational Degrees

What is the role of organizational psychology professionals?

There are many concepts that can be borrowed from social psychology that apply to groups and organizations that will help enhance employee performance and provide a stimulating and healthy workplace. Many organizations have entire departments devoted to understanding how to create effective incentive and compensation plans. When mergers and acquisitions occur, there must be leadership and structure to ensure smooth transitions for employees and clients. Organizational change and adaptation to new market conditions or consumer demands can place strains on companies and those who understand organizational psychology must be utilized. Organizational leadership and psychology programs will prepare you to be an integral part of these processes.