Human Resources Training

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Human resources training consists of obtaining the HR degree level that is appropriate for the job you are seeking, then obtaining additional on the job training through job shadowing and mentoring. It is also common for those seeking entry level positions to seek internships while in school. It is not uncommon for those who are working as interns to secure a compensated position upon graduating.

Many people enter into human resources roles by utilizing past experience and supplementing it with formal education through a college or university program. Those who have previously been in teaching or training roles will be able to use those cross-over skills to their advantage if seeking a trainer or professional development role. Management and leadership experience will help those seeking HR Manager or Generalist roles. For those who have completed a degree in another field, but wish to make the transition into an HR role, there are HR certificate programs available to complete your human resources training and many online associates and bachelors programs that will supplement previous experience and help you make the transition.

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Human Resources Training Internships

Human Resources internships are a smart way to take the classroom knowledge you have gained and put it into action in a real business setting. During an internship, you will have the opportunity to job shadow seasoned professionals, to observe, and to participate in their activities. You may assist with screening applicants by doing simple phone interviews, ordering background checks, assisting employees with questions regarding labor and employment policies, or assisting with a training session.

HR Certification

In addition to obtaining a degree, human resources training, or an internship, getting a professional certification in HR will be helpful in making prospective employers feel comfortable with your level of competence, education, and skill and will be more likely to hire you based on nationally recognized credentials. Certifications can be obtained for a variety of roles. The Society for Human Resource Management offers two types of certification. You can obtain a PHR (Professional in Human Resource Management) or a SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resource Management) certification. There are several other associations offering certifications in human resource concentrations that are well worth the effort. Learn more about HR certification and

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