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A human resources MBA will provide much of the same curriculum that a traditional MBA offers; however, it is supplemented with studies tailored for the human resources professional, focusing on human capital management, advanced labor relations, rewards theory, collective bargaining, and additional HR topics. A human resources MBA is a popular option for those seeking positions in HR, but want the flexibility and breadth of business study to expand into other areas of business management and administration. Some prefer the MBA to the more specialized human resource management program because it provides a more comprehensive view of business theory and processes.

What is the difference between an HR MBA and a Human Resource Management Masters Degree?

The main difference lies in the specialization of the study of human resource related theory and topics. The HR MBA will provide a “birds eye” view of business operations including more emphasis on the financial and economic aspects of business management, while offering the HR concentration curriculum to supplement that knowledge. The Human Resource Management program will dig deeper into the issues and concerns directly related to human capital management. For the individual who is seeking upward movement in an HR career and feels confident that they belong within this segment of business operations, the HR Management Masters may be the better option.

Typical HR Curriculum for an MBA in Human Resources:

  • Employment & Labor Law
  • Training & Development Strategies
  • Organizational Psychology & Workplace Dynamics
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Human Capital Management Theory
  • Compensation & Rewards Theories
  • Managing Through Organizational Change
  • Human Resource Management Fundamentals

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