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Human Resources Managers often possess natural leadership and strong communication skills with strict ethical codes and high standards for their work and professionalism. They must stay current on changes to labor and employment laws effecting the industry they serve.

Human Resource Manager Job Description

As an HR manager in a large company, you may manage a team of HR team members including: recruiters, coordinators, and benefits specialists. You may be in charge of managing the recruiting efforts for a company or for the development and professional growth of existing employees. You will act as a liason between management and employees, working through disputes, conflict resolution, or internal investigations of misconduct or broken labor laws. You may be in charge of ensuring that the company is adhering to all state and federal employment laws or managing efforts to internally audit for compliance. Other duties may include assisting management with establishing effective compensation models that maximize revenue and maintain employee motivation and productivity. You may also work with upper management to assist with creating a specific workplace culture, better working conditions for employees, or increasing employee satisfaction.

Degree Requirements

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To become a human resources manager in an entry level capacity, you will need a bachelors degree in human resources. However, many mid and senior level positions will require an HR masters degree, HR MBA, or higher. Because the role of human resources manager can vary greatly depending upon the industry type and size, the level of education required can vary. If you are in doubt, start by looking at job postings in industries and company profiles that interest you and determine what level of education will be sufficient. For those who have achieved a degree in another major, supplementing that education with a human resource management certificate at the graduate level could be smart and efficient option for kickstarting your HR career.

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Salary Information

Human resources management salary can vary widely depending on the type of industry you are working in as well as the size of the company.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistcs, the median salary for human resources managers is $73,480 annually. Geography, industry, seniority, and education all have an effect on the salary of an HR manager.

HR Management Salary Annual Salary Range Entry Level $56,000 Mid Career Level $73,480 Senior – Seasoned Level $96,130 +

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