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A Human Resource Coordinator’s job is to help facilitate all of the basic HR operations. From hiring, to keeping track of all of the employee records, the HR Coordinator is the hands-on representative of their HR department. Working directly under the HR Manager or Director, the HR Coordinator plays a critical role in the effectiveness of their company. While they typically don’t manage anyone directly, they’re responsible for much of the work that makes the HR department run smoothly.

Job Description

Most of the HR Coordinator’s duties include typical HR related tasks such as selecting candidates for interviews, data entry into a Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and creating methods to store employee data. They work with both current employees and new-hires, and must be able to manage multiple tasks at any given moment. The HR Coordinator is responsible for the organization of the office, implementing programs for training, and many other duties, working both independently and with others.

In addition to their daily tasks, HR Coordinators assist in big-picture projects as well. HR Coordinators perform and document studies, and create and implement incentive programs to reward top-performing employees, all to help with employee retention and morale. As the individual who’s responsible for overseeing and updating the personnel files, the coordinator has unique access to useful information, that if properly analyzed could ultimately help save a company money by improving retention, and help inform future decisions for administrators. Since data-entry into HRMS is often a large part of the coordinator’s job, instituting or updating an existing HR Management System would be one method an HR coordinator could use to improve workplace efficiency.

From assisting in the interviewing process to communicating company policy to employees, the HR Coordinator’s job is to make sure each human resource related detail is taken care of. Wearing many hats, the HR Coordinator helps to ensure the efficiency and high performance of the company.

Degree Requirements for HR Coordinators

The minimum education requirement for becoming an HR Coordinator is typically an Associates or Bachelors degree in HR or a related field. Interning in an HR department while earning your degree will combine experience with education, and will likely make you more qualified for an HR Coordinator position. It’s also a great position to hold for a BA graduate in the process of earning an MBA with an emphasis in HR.


Below is a table of the average HR Coordinators salary. The average is based on salaries of HR Coordinator positions from all over the US. Since the HR Coordinator is often an entry-level position, some companies might offer an hourly rate as opposed to an annual salary. Typically, HR Coordinators earn from $15-$25 hourly depending on the location and the company.

HR Coordinator Salary Annual Salary Range Entry Level $30,316 Mid Career Level $42,000 Senior – Seasoned Level $55,645

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