Human Resources Certificate

Getting a human resources management certificate can help you get entry level positions, make lateral moves, or provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to make an upward movement in your career. Learn about the types of certificates available, prerequisites, and what earning a certificate will do for you.

Human resources certificates come in two main types. First, there are certificates for individuals who are looking for basic human resources skills to allow them to get entry level positions in roles such as HR Coordinator, recruiter, or HR administrative roles. The second type of certificate is for individuals who have already completed a bachelors degree, but would like to gain additional education at the graduate level. Many schools now offer graduate level certificate programs for individuals who do not want to complete an entire Masters of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program, but would like to opt for a quicker way to add to their resume and get an in depth look at HR practices at a mid to senior management level. HR Certificates at this level are also an excellent way for a traditional member of the management team to cross over into a human resources role in a company.

Human Resource Certificates – Undergraduate Level

A human resource management certificate can be achieved at the graduate or undergraduate level and is designed to help you learn the knowledge, skills, and methods needed to work in an HR capacity in a modern workforce. It will cover topics surrounding regulatory issues in the workplace, how to motivate a diverse set of employees, and talent acquisition. You will learn the theory and strategy behind the power of engaging a companies human capital, which can make or break any modern business enterprise. To learn more, including detail on topics, courses, and curriculum, request information directly from schools and find the best fit for you.


HR Compensation & Benefits Management Certificate

A human resource benefits and compensation certificate will cover a variety of discretionary benefits, the selection process, and how benefits are managed and administered. You will learn about the legal issues surrounding compensation and benefits, common questions and problems that arise, workers compensation benefits, jury duty, leaves of absence, vacation, and sick leave. Learn about payroll processing periods, vacation accrual questions, merit increases, and more. Upon completion, you should have the knowledge and skills required to obtain a position within a benefits or payroll administration capacity in any industry. For those looking to expand or deepen their knowledge or make a lateral move, an HR Compensation and Benefits Certificate could help you achieve that goal.


Additional HR Certificate Programs Online & Campus Based

While the most common type of certificate available is an HR management certificate, schools are now beginning to offer more options such as HR Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Certificates, Employee Relations, Collective Bargaining, and additional subtopics within the field. These certificate programs are a good way to bolster your existing experience and prepare you for changes in your career. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another major, a graduate level certificate or a complementary undergraduate certificate could be a great combination for making that first step into an HR career.


HR Certificates FAQ’s

Is it better to get an HR certificate or a degree?

For those seeking management roles in human resources, it is recommended that your pursue an HR degree program such as an HR bachelor’s, masters, or MBA program. Everyone has different circumstances, which can greatly alter your best course of action. For example, someone who has been working in an HR role who wants to make a lateral move, may greatly benefit from a certificate program. Those seeking entry level roles may also benefit from a certificate program, especially if they have previously obtained a college degree in a different major.

Can I get a certificate online?

Yes. There are now several reputable and accredited schools offering online HR certificate programs. Obtaining a certificate online has become the preferred method for working and busy professionals who are seeking upward movement in their company or for those seeking lateral moves.

I’ve already obtained a bachelors degree in another major, is it best to get a certificate in HR or another bachelor’s degree in HR?

It has become acceptable to supplement a bachelors degree from another major with an HR certificate in order to obtain HR roles. Those who are seeking management or leadership roles should seek out human resources certificate programs or a masters degree program. If you have taken several business related courses in the past, you may simply want to supplement that education with specific HR knowledge and in this case a human resources certificate is appropriate.

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