HR Recruiter Career | Job Description & Degree Requirements

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Human resources recruiters play a vital role in seeking out talent for companies. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, recruiters have become a higher demand role in recent years as companies have recognized the importance of the quality of their workforce. Finding professionals in a particular industry with the right education, experience, and skill set can be a challenging task.

Recruiter Job Description

The role of recruiters may vary depending on the type of positions they are seeking to fill. A recruiter who is seeking entry level roles may attend job fairs at colleges and universities, seeking out recent graduates or students with a particular major to fill open positions. In addition to attending job fairs, recruiters may be tasked with screening applicants, conducting interviews, discussing wages and compensation plans, or testing applicants. Recruiters may also need to conduct due diligence on applicants such as initiating background checks, checking references, or confirming information on an application or resume.

Recruiters must have a solid understanding of the industry they are working for and the skills, education level, and character traits that will most effectively match the companies goals. Human resources recruiter jobs also entail explaining to prospective employees the nature of the business, company policies, and working conditions.

A solid understanding of employment and labor laws such as equal opportunity employment guidelines and rules for applicants with disabilities is a must. Recruiters must ask smart questions and use their instincts.


Degree Requirements

While there are always exceptions to the rule, most HR recruiters have completed a bachelors degree; however, those who are highly connected in certain industries may be hired with an HR associates degree. Those interested in obtaining a job as a recruiter should seek out courses that will help them acquire knowledge of labor and employment laws, business administration, psychology, occupational behavior, and HR practices. A degree in business administration or a human resources bachelors degree will prepare you for a recruiting career.

HR Recruiting – Stepping Stone or Long Term Career?

In the past, HR recruiting has been viewed as an entry level position in human resources and a stepping stone to other roles such as HR Careers Overview or HR Generalist. While this may still be the case in some industries, there are several industries that place great importance on the role of talent acquisition for their company. Some roles have require highly specialized skill sets and character requirements. The motto that a company is only as good as its people is ringing true in many companies and the heart of that effort rest with HR recruiters.


HR Recruiter Salary & Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that over the next ten years, recruiter jobs should grow by 28%, which is significantly higher than the national average for job growth and is the highest growing job among human resources positions.

Human Resources Recruiter Salary Annual Salary Range National Median Range $35,000 – $63,110 Senior Level Recruiter Average $85,760

*data from Bureau of Labor Statistics