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  • Are you thinking of taking steps toward becoming an HR Generalist? As an HR Generalist, you are there to balance the companies bottom line with the well being and development of its workforce. From managing payroll and compensation to negotiating with a labor union, the work can vary widely depending upon the size and scope of the company as well as the type of industry you work for.

    Job Description

    In an HR generalist career, you will work on recruiting new talent to an organization, managing compensation, payroll, and benefits. Generalists play an important role in retaining existing employees, developing growth plans, training, and consulting. Human resources generalists are also advisors to both management and personnel for issues that arise and require dispute resolution or performance improvement actions.

    Degree Requirements for HR Generalists

    Most who pursue HR Generalist careers have a human resources bachelors degree or higher. While some in the workforce may have an associates degree in human resources, most employers prefer to hire individuals in this role with a four year degree. Another point of entry for those who already have a bachelors degree in another major is to supplement their education with a human resources certificate. This is a common route for those who wish to cross over to an HR role. Take some time to review available degree’s for HR Generalists and find one that fits your unique career goals.

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    HR Generalist Training

    Those who pursue a career as an HR Generalist should possess strong written and verbal communication skills. Strong interpersonal skills and solid judgement is a must. An HR Generalist must maintain a sense of fairness and the high standards of professional behavior. Those who work in human resources must be example setters for the employees and management and help to set the tone for what is acceptable in an organization. Training usually consists of supplementing your formal education with

    HR Generalist Salary

    HR generalist salary is dependent upon several factors including your level of education, experience, industry type, and geographic location. The median salary in the Unites States is approximately $60,000 per year; however, the following chart explains what to expect at various levels in your career:

    Human Resources Generalist Salary Annual Salary Range Entry Level $32,000 – 46,000 Mid Career Level $48,000 – 90,000 Senior – Seasoned Level $90,000 – 120,000

    *data from, Bureau of Labor Statistics, &

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