Workday 19: Customization in the Cloud

Workday, for those of you who don’t already know, is a cloud-based finance and Human Resources software app. This groundbreaking software, allows finance and HR pros to update pertinent information from anywhere, any time. Cloud-based apps like this, are truly changing the face of finance and HR. The Wall Street Journal Article, titled Workday Re-imagines Customization; Enables HR and Finance to Tailor Applications Without Breaking the Update Process, offers in depth analysis of the update.

The new update, Workday 19, has 170 new features, allowing for more in-depth customization for users. One unique, and awesome way Workday formulated these changes, was a forum they created called Workday Brainstorm. Customers offered feedback and suggestions for Workday on the forum, and apparently Workday listened. About seventy of the updates, came straight from this forum.

The recent update allows finance and HR  pros to customize the app, based on customer needs, industry specifics, and company policies. They also created a native Android app. In the past, updates to Workday 19 were time consuming, and often required a total system reboot. Altering the software to change something that isn’t vitally important, is often times not important. These customizations, make the software much more useful, easy, and efficient.

Athenahealth is a medical practice management and Electronic Health Records Firm. Margo Hendrickson is there Vice President of Human Resources. Hendrickson is familiar with Workday, and has had an opportunity to use Workday 19. She weighed in on the importance of these updates.

“Customization in the cloud is a significant innovation, because we can now tailor the Workday application to our specific needs without the worry that it will be complex or costly,” said Hendrickson. “With Workday’s custom fields and labels, we will be able to better communicate our brand and culture through the application to make key processes easy to understand, increasing efficiency for our workforce and reducing the extra support needed from HR so we can focus on other strategic initiatives within the business.”

There’s a number of programs, apps and/or software that HR pros can use to make their workplace more efficient. It seems that Workday is leading the way when it comes to cloud-based HR apps. These new features, some created just for customers, will certainly make current ones happy, and likely draw in new ones as well. Finance and HR pros work in a number of industries, cultures, and cater to a number of business practices. The software these pros use should reflect that. Workday has done a fine job of creating a useful, and customizable program.


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