Women in the Workplace, Gender Wage Gap, and HR: Melanie Hulbert interview

Online Human Resources is proud to announce the publication of our interview with Melanie Hulbert, Sociologist, and expert on gender in the workplace. Melanie Hulbert’s study, out of George Fox University, featured 40 Human Resources professionals’ thoughts on gender roles effects at work, the gender wage and achievement gap, and other issues regarding women in the workplace. As a result of her study, and proximity (I also live in the Portland, Oregon area,) I decided to interview her about the subject of the gender wage gap, and other issues facing women in the workplace.

Seeing as the gender wage gap has been repeatedly proven to exist, and some studies indicate that female scientists discriminated other women in hiring, I decided to focus our interview on what Human Resources professionals can do to help eliminate the gender gap, and help women excel in the workplace.  We talked about how much “entering and exiting the workplace at different times,” is a large part of the pay gap. How the culture needs to shift from seeing domestic issues as solely the women’s responsibility, and more understanding of work/life balance, in order for the gender gap to ever close completely.

“Once men begin to take a more equal part in care of the home, we’ll see less of this gender separation, in the value of one’s work. And that’s changing, it’s definitely changing.
again, even though historically women have always worked, that cultural expectation that women are the ones to care for the home, their work at home isn’t monetarily valued. Since a lot of the women’s work isn’t paid, that’s why we see this weird thing happening where teachers, secretaries, and nurses don’t get paid as much as X,Y, and Z. These positions are attached to this value of caretaking.” Hulbert stated in the interview.

“I see this changing, I really do, because the majority of all men and women work. Less than ten percent of all households today, have the traditional male breadwinner, and the female homemaker. It’s just not the reality.” She continued.

Make sure to read the interview in it’s entirety, those in the Human Resources field, and particularly women Human Resources professionals, need to be aware, and stay informed, if we ever hope to close the wage gap. Diversity is necessary in order for any organization to thrive. One of the many assorted perks of being in Human Resources, is being in the position to make change within companies. Take advantage of it, and help pave the way to workplace success for female employees.

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