Wisconsin Attempts to Pass Bills to Encourage Hiring of Veterans

Wisconsin Rep. Evan Wynn, R-Whitewater, has written a set of four bills attempting to help unemployed veterans, particularly veterans with disabilities, get hired. One of these bills, which was advanced by a state assembly committee last week, would allow state hiring managers to hire veterans with disabilities to mid or upper-level “classified” state jobs, without having to go through the entire application process. Another one of the bills would start an estimated $12 million program that would give tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed veterans with disabilities.

With the unemployment rate for veterans at a staggering 13.1 percent, and the unemployment rate for veterans with disabilities even higher, it’s important for Human Resource professionals to consider these highly-skilled individuals as applicants. Those injured in the line of duty suffer from additional complications when finding work, and it’s important for those who are able to, to make it as easy as possible for these returning heroes to find work.

Wisconsin politicians are making important steps in the right direction to provide HR people, and other hiring managers additional incentive to hire veterans with disabilities. Finding a job in this economy is hard for anyone. Returning soldiers have added struggles, from being out of the work force, to returning home with PTSD, or worse, physical disabilities, that make finding a job that much more difficult. Research tax-laws, and other hiring incentives for veterans in your area next time you have a position you are looking to fill, and you will likely find that the benefits of hiring veterans with disabilities make it an easy choice to make. These men and women have given up their freedom fighting for our country, it’s time we do our part by making the transition back into the work-force as easy as possible for them.

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