Why you Need to Get Started on Mobile Recruiting (If you Haven’t Already)

With even my grandma on a smartphone, it’s pretty ridiculous for anyone to deny the need for every industry to institute mobile. HR and recruiting are no different. There’s plenty of data supporting the assertion that mobile recruiting is a burgeoning practice, set for even more growth. If you’re looking to get started on mobile recruiting, there are multiple apps that aid in the recruitment process. Now is the perfect time to get your feet wet in what’s sure to be an industry game-changer.

Like social recruiting before it, mobile recruiting is helping shape a new era of entirely cloud-based recruitment. Both social and mobile recruiting also add a personal touch to even the most mundane recruitment processes. So get with it, and read on, because if you’re just getting started, there’s a lot to learn.

In a survey released this year, by Career X Roads called, The Evolving World of Mobile Recruiting it’s discussed how candidates are more apt than ever to apply and engage via mobile. It also reveals that employers need to adapt. The introduction to the report on the survey’s latest findings, asserts;

“With the seismic shifting of the world population to mobile devices, human resources professionals face a stark choice.” The report reads.

“They must either adapt to changing conditions and allocate more resources toward mobile-savvy job seekers or compromise their ability to compete for talent.”

It seems companies are taking note, seeing as 54 percent of those surveyed, responded that their employees are either paying for, or helping pay for their recruiters mobile device. What’s more, 79 percent of companies are following at least one of the 15 important mobile recruiting practices laid out in the survey. The survey also shows that businesses have a lot of room for improvement, with only ten percent of respondents saying candidates could download an android, or ios app so they could get more job info.

If you’re thinking of embracing mobile recruiting, but don’t know where to begin, your first step is to purchase a mobile recruiting app. Many companies offer a variety of mobile recruiting apps to help with a wide range of processes, so your options aren’t limited. Before you get sold on the first name that pops up however, be sure to arm yourself with lots of information regarding what to expect from your mobile recruitment app, and what you need based on your industry and individual company.

Smashfly, which is an original, and trusted HR technology company, offers mobile recruiting apps. These apps include Mobile Talent Network Forms, which allow candidates to fill out forms on their phones, from any number of sites. There’s also an app with a QR code tool for candidates, and a Recruitment CRM app, which allows companies to send personal SMS and text messages to multiple candidates. iMomentous Mobile Talent Solutions is another option. Career Connect, iMomentous’ mobile recruiting app, helps companies with nearly every aspect of recruitment. From search to application, Career Connect has it covered. Those are just two examples of mobile recruitment apps, and there are many more. Find out about the needs of your industry, and make sure to shop around, and it’s likely you’ll find a mobile recruitment app that’s perfect for your company, big or small.

As far as mobile recruiting goes, I’ve been silent about it in the past. The reason for that is simple. I honestly didn’t know much about it. Which is the whole problem. Anyone who’s even remotely connected to HR and recruiting at this point, should be well-versed in mobile recruiting. Admittedly, I am pretty late in the game on my investigation. With the use of smart phones increasing in nearly every demographic, not just Gen Y, it’s getting plain silly to not at least research and see if mobile recruiting is right for you. So instead of putting off adopting new mobile recruiting strategies, get excited about it. At this point, I think we can all agree the need for organizations to offer more mobile recruiting services, isn’t going anywhere.

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