“What Can YOU Do?” Campaign for Disability Employment Unleashes New Video Contest

Yesterday, the Campaign for Disability Employment announced their nation-wide video contest, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy. The contest, which is the second held by the CDE, the first being in 2009, attempts to bring light to the skills and value people with disabilities bring to the economy and work-force. There will be several categories for contestants to submit their videos in. The videos will strive to continue educating the public using CDE’s successful “What can YOU do?” public education campaign.

The main goal of the contest, and the CDE in general, is to promote the hiring, training and retention of individuals with disabilities in the workplace. As I’ve mentioned here before People with Disabilities Missing from the Workplace Costs $1.37-$1.94 Trillion Annually Worldwide. These kinds of figures make it a worthwhile effort on the part of the CDE, to attempt to encourage the hiring of people with disabilities. If the federal government continues to promote the benefits of hiring people with disabilities with these types of fun and inventive campaigns, maybe businesses will pick up the baton, so the gap can close.

Tracie Saab, Campaign for Disability Employment project director had this to say about the video contest:

“Our video contest is an opportunity for filmmakers of all ages to convey positive messages about the value people with disabilities add to the workforce and to help viewers re-think their negative assumptions about people with disabilities in the workforce. It’s their chance to drive positive change by illustrating that at work, it’s what people CAN do that matters.”

The three categories for which the CDE is receiving video submissions are: What can YOU do? What WILL you do? and What ARE you doing? Each category has different rules and guidelines, go to http://www.whatcanyoudocampaign.org/videocontest/ for more information.

This contest is an example of a positive and fun way to get businesses and HR professionals excited about the prospect of hiring people with disabilities. If hiring people with disabilities is something you want to do, plan on doing, have done or are doing in your workplace, maybe you should consider making and submitting a video. It would be a fun way to educate employees and co-workers. The winner will be featured on the national CDE web-site, in addition to being screened at national events, so it would be a free PR score for your company as well. Hopefully this contest will educate the public, and bring smiles to the faces of everyone involved. Good luck to those of you who participate!


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