University of Puget Sound Chooses Oracle Hyperion to Overhaul HR and Financial Management System

The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, selected Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting software, after intense research into the best available applications. The new software will help administrators with more thorough and stream-lined financial and Human Resource management and analytics. Puget Sound’s previous legacy student administration system was developed at the University and was dated, becoming increasingly costly and deficient in reporting,  and analytics capabilities.

UPS selected Oracle as part of a newly launched program entitled “Optimize Puget Sound.” The new program is expected to result in the following outcomes: “Standardize business processes, adopt best practice, improve operating efficiencies, address strategic challenges more effectively, better compete with peer institutions, meet the needs of constituents in a more timely manner.” Selecting a new management software application was an integral part of this process.

Oracle was chosen after strenuous research by UPS, for a number of reasons. One major reason is Oracles long-standing support of educational institutions, including its newly developed “Public Sector Planning and Budgeting” software. Another reason for choosing Oracle was it’s flexibility with external systems, including Microsoft Office Suite. Oracles biggest draw however, was its outstanding financial forecasting, reporting, and analytic capabilities, which, being specifically designed for those in the public sector, offer huge incentive for public institutions to choose Oracle Hyperion.

Technology is making the work of the Human Resources professional easier all the time. Management software is becoming more prevalent, useful and sophisticated every year. With all of the paperwork, data, and finances involved in Human Resources it’s important to find a software application that can help you manage the specific needs of your workplace. Companies like Oracle make it that much easier for us by developing industry specific software that works. As “Optimize Puget Sound” develops, we will be able to see how the institution of HR and financial software can transform workplace operations.

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