Top 5 Benefits of Social Recruiting

As time goes on, and social networking sites continue to increase their number of users and uses, social recruiting is becoming more and more of a necessity for HR pros. It makes sense to utilize social as a recruiting tool not only because of it’s popularity, but because it is an inexpensive and effective way to find talent. Taleo has written a number of reports on the topic, there’s 2009’s “The Many Benefits of Social Recruiting: Making a Compelling Business Case” and the more recent “Social Recruiting Guide: How to Effectively Use Social Networks.” I’ve attempted to locate and summarize the five most convincing reasons for your company to adopt or improve their social recruiting tactics.

1. ROI

The first, and perhaps most compelling reason many companies have chosen to use social recruiting as a method, is because it is extremely cost effective. It costs little to nothing to post jobs on most social networking sites, and the response is often larger than when posted on much more costly job boards. Aside from the time it takes to post the job, and review the responses, it is a (usually) free and massively effective way to get the word out about an open position.

2. Talent Quality

One of the other positive aspects of social recruiting, is the quality of talent you are able to reach. Since most of the people you reach on social networking sites are already interested in your company, or related to it in some way, the talent pool is stocked with only those individuals who are either qualified or at the very least in a related field or social circle. Not to mention the fact that those who frequently use social networking sites are often creative and technically savvy individuals.

3. Branding

Using social networking sites to recruit, put you in the unique position to brand your company during the hiring process. Part of the reason social media is such a cultural power house right now, is it’s ability to personalize, even personify, anything, including your company. Choosing social networking as a recruitment method, also shows potential employees, clients, and customers that your company is hip, young, and innovative.

4. Unique Talent Acquisition

Social networking sites provide their users with a number of services, finding employment is really only the icing on the cake. The plus side to that for recruiters, is job postings reach all kinds of unique talent, not just those who are actively searching for work. With the increased job visibility social recruiting provides, it also increases the talent pool to include more hard to reach candidates and potential employees.

5. Easy and Cost Effective Employee Screening and Intake

Social recruiting also has the unique advantage of access to a candidate’s personal profile. This provides a glimpse into the candidate’s personality and lifestyle, enabling you to see if they’d be a good fit with your company. It also allows you access to pertinent personal information for intake purposes. Many HRMS’ already provide social networking tools to make this process all the more easy.


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