Survey says most HR pros allow social media at work, despite Concerns

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While HR pros have serious concerns about the use of social media at work, they’re not concerned enough to stop it, according to a newly released survey.  Holos Research conducted this survey of 138 HR execs, and was commissioned by MySammy, a company that created a tool to measure productivity. HR execs have concerns about employees using Facebook for a number of reasons, the largest being security, but that doesn’t seem to encourage HR pros to put restrictions on employee use.

So what are HR’s biggest concern when it comes to social media? Productivity and security seem to be the main worry. When asked how much time spent on social media is decreasing productivity, 22% said quite a bit, and 56% said. That’s over 75% of respondents who are at least marginally concerned about productivity regarding social media. When it comes to security, 77% of those who block social media consider security an important concern about social media.

While HR pros seem top have refrained in large part, from blocking employees from social media altogether, they are crafting policies. 69% of respondents said their company had a “specific policy or best practices regarding social media websites that all employees must read and agree to”According to the survey’s conclusion, “Social media will not be going away. Companies need to be proactive in terms of setting clear guidelines for use of social media, and be clear in communicating the policies to their employees.” It seems HR pros are taking a proactive role in drafting social media policies, which will be key in making sure employees engage in appropriate work usage of social media.

With all the talk and concern about lost productivity and security threats, you may find it surprising that only 38% block access at work to social media websites. Of those organizations that aren’t blocking access, 66% don’t monitor the amount of time employees spend on social media sites. With tools such as MySammy, that measure employee productivity, being released, tracking employee time management and internet use will get that much easier. It’s important to remember however, that just like everything else in HR, if you craft your policies and company culture with retention and engagement in mind, employees are more likely to tow the line, and less likely to abuse social media at work.


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