Social Recruiting Continues to Grow in Popularity

Everyone knows that social recruiting is on the rise. Our good friends at SHRM, did some research to prove it. But is social an effective way to recruit? If the massive increase in users is any indication, then yes, indeed it is. From the sites used to recruit, to the percentage of people using social media as a recruitment method, social recruiting continues to grow and evolve as a force in HR.

In “SHRM Research Spotlight: Social Networking Websites and Staffing” there is data regarding all aspects of social media’s use in recruiting. Perhaps most significant out of all of the research, is the fact that social recruiting is increasing steadily. In 2008, only 34% of companies had ever used a social media site to recruit potential candidates. By 2011, 56% of organizations have used some form of social media as a recruiting tool. Certainly by now, more than half way through 2012, that number is even greater. The number of companies who say they “Have not used such websites and do not plan to do so in the future” decreased from 45% to only 21%. It seems that those who thought social media’s presence in HR was just a flash-in-the-pan fad, were mistaken.

July 2011 saw LinkedIn’s launch of the “Apply with LinkedIn” app, so it should be no surprise that such a recruitment friendly site is used by 95% of organizations who utilize social as a hiring tool. 58% use Facebook, 42% use Twitter, 23% use “other” sites, and 6% use SHRM connect. With the constant advent of new apps, and sites, surely these numbers will continue to change in exciting ways.

With the vast amount of user information at your fingertips, low cost, and exciting, user-friendly features, it’s no wonder social recruiting continues to lead the way in recruitment innovation. If you want a competitive edge in the grab for talent, then a social recruitment plan and policy, is necessary for your organization. Sites like LinkedIn offer incredible benefits at a low cost. Want to recruit, fresh, innovative, and quality talent? Follow the talent! Utilize the amazing HR opportunity that is social recruitment.

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