Singapore Human Resource Management Awards Held Thursday Night

On Thursday night in Singapore, the best and the brightest Human Resource professionals from the region, met at the The Ritz-Carlton Millenia to watch the ninth annual Human Resource Management (HRM) Awards.  Over 90 finalists competed in 21 categories.

Some names almost everyone in North America will recognize, won awards for their excellent HR practices. Hewlett-Packard Singapore won an award for the “Best Use of Technology.” McDonald’s Restaurants won the “Fair Employment Practices” award. The Kaplan Professional Award for Best Training, Learning & Development went to UBS Singapore. Fuji Xerox Singapore was recognized for their eco-friendly ways with the “Best Environmental Practices” award.

Google Asia Pacific was the only corporation to win 2 awards: “Best Employer Branding” and “Best Work-Life Harmony.” It’s no surprise that Google’s being recognized for their outstanding HR practices. Head of communications at Google for South-east Asia, Myriam Boublil, explained that creating a work environment that has ample benefits helps to keep employees healthy, motivated, and willing to work hard for their employer.

“The great employee benefits – which include subsidised on-site massage therapy – and the ability to work with bright and interesting people are (among) the many reasons that our more than 31,000 (global) employees remain dedicated to Google.”

“We’ve found that great things happen more frequently within the right culture and environment.”

Seeing the list of  hugely successful corporations included in list of winners, leads one to believe that a strong HR department can help a business thrive. Google is a prime example of a company who puts their employees first, and in return gets a hugely productive, and talented staff. If Google didn’t offer such outstanding benefits, not as many talented, brilliant minds would want to be employed by them, and it’s easy to imagine their success wouldn’t be as enormous. As HR professionals, we can try and push for these kinds of benefits for our employees, and watch to see how it changes our staff and workplace for the better.

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