Inc. Unleash Rypple, Social Performance Review Application

In San Francisco, at a Cloudforce Conference, Inc. announced their new optional addition to the companies existing Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. Rypple works as a social and goal-setting, performance review system. It works alongside their existing CRM, and Chatter social collaboration platform, to recognize employee accomplishments and reward them in a social platform. The app is easily integratable with other software and hardware as with the rest of’s cloud-based software. It’s simple, and according to Inc., it’s the simplicity that will make it a success.

“HCM vendors have focused on the wrong problem by trying to build as big a suite as possible and up their sales price, but that hasn’t changed the fact that people hate performance [review] systems. . . People actually use Rypple, and we think that’s more important than the buying center feeling good about having a comprehensive HR suite.”  said John Wookey, a former SAP and Oracle employee, who is now’s executive vice president of social applications. “We need to bring the solutions into the workflow people use in everyday life.” claims that Rypple is more interactive and less focused on the upper-management, giving everyone the feeling that they’re collaborating, and that their feedback counts. With gamification features like badges for accomplishing a goal, or making a large sale, Rypple goes the extra mile to make something that may have traditionally been considered somewhat dull, actually entertaining and dare-I-say, fun. It’s not hard to imagine that with more emphasis on peer-to-peer social interaction, and fun, game-like rewards, employees and employers alike, will be more actively engaged in this performance review software.

For day to day operations as an HR professional, it’s imperative that you have a comprehensive HR suite that offers the more traditional features such as payroll and employee data collection. For more subjective HR duties such as performance review, it’s a brilliant idea to make it more personal and fun. Giving employees the chance to celebrate each other in a social media setting has a number of benefits as well. It’s not often that employees have a chance to praise one another’s work in front of their superiors. Rypple now allows employers to see this kind of praise, and perhaps even congratulate employees for accomplishments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. One of The Top 10 Work Trends for 2012, was Rewards and Recognition programs, Rypple functions as it’s own psuedo- rewards system, making it additionally useful. made a step in the right direction by incorporating good HR common sense, with social media and rewards and recognition, this tri-fecta of good businesss sense, is sure to bring them success. Time will tell whether or not Rypple catches on as it’s predicted to. At $5-$9 a month per user, it seems to me that it’s an affordable choice for employers to make, or at least experiment on a department with.
Has anybody used Rypple yet, or any other software? Does Rypple sound like something people at your company would use? Tell me about it.

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