Role of HR Changing Due to Technology

It seems that the ever evolving role of technology as an aide to HR professionals has done more than simplify our day-to-day work life. Technology and its role in Human Capital Management, has enabled HR pros to spend less time doing paperwork, and more time focusing on performance, profit, and some of the more important, less tedious aspects of HR. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed in your own career, HR technology has not only changed the way we work, but the job itself.

A survey of 384 leaders of businesses from varying industries by the Institute for Corporate Profitability (i4cp) out of Seattle, revealed that approximately 66% of organizations plan to “centralize administrative processes into shared unit services within five years,” Meaning HR pros are going to have a lot more time on their hands to focus on other things. What’s more, 64% of survey-takers said much of the clerical and administrative work associated with HR will be taken away, in large part due to technology that allows us to consolidate these tasks.

“The thing I’ve heard more and more of in the last five years is that HR is stepping up to the plate,” says i4cp senior vice president Jay Jamrog. “We heard a lot about business acumen, and that’s not just reading balance sheets. I heard a lot about how HR people need to really think strategically for the long term. … They have to help [the frontline managers] think more deeply about their own workforce, and ask questions like, ‘Where’s your business going in five years? What kind of talent do we have? Are we structured right?’

As HRMS, and other technologies continue to adapt and alter the way we work, so must we. With more time to focus on strategy, performance and maximum profitability, HR pros must make it a point to step up their game as well. Have a plan of action, hold meetings with superiors, and overall just be prepared for the evolving role of HR in organizations. Even though the tasks administered by HR pros are changing, the need for HR pros is higher than ever. So make sure you and your skill set continues to improve and evolve with the technology that aides us.

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