Progressive Corp. to Hire Over 1,000 People

Progressive Corp. plans to hire 1106 people in five cities. The cities where Progressive will be hiring are Cleveland, Ohio; Austin, Texas; Colorado Springs; Phoenix; and Tampa. 337 of those jobs will be available in the Cleveland area, the remaining 769 will be divided between the remaining five cities. Seventy percent of these jobs, are new positions Progressive has created.

Progressive has announced significant hiring plans five times since last fall including this latest news. This is in large part, due to the rapid growth Progressive is seeing. Progressive saw a 5% increase in customers in the last year, and their number of in-line policies grew to 12.8 million. Their success has partially been attributed to a few new successful products, one extremely successful product is called Snapshot, it allows their customers to monitor their driving habits to make them eligible for discounts. The success of these products have drawn a large new customer base.

From a Human Resources perspective, Progressive is doing things right, not only are they turning their fiscal growth into job opportunities, but they treat their employees right as well. In addition to competitive pay and insurance benefits, employees have access to on-site health services facility, massage services, aerobics, spinning, yoga classes and an assortment of other health-related activities. Progressives rapid growth just goes to show, that just like the top ten workplace trends of 2012 proved, investing in your employees works. Happy, healthy employees are more productive. Progressive has the numbers to prove it.

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