Portland Business Journal’s HR Leadership Awards to be Held Next Week

On March 7th, in Portland, Oregon, The Business Journal will hold its annual HR Leadership Awards Ceremony. It will take place Wednesday, March 7th, from 11:30am-1:00pm at the Hilton Hotel, Grand Ballroom. The cost is $65, and it’s suggested that you dress in business attire. If you live in the area, and are able to take a long lunch on March 7th, it might be a wonderful way to network with other HR professionals, and see what other companies are doing right.

This years small company finalists were: Laura Christiansen, Vtech Communications, Inc; Joni George, Climax Portable Machine Tools; and Melissa Humes, Jibe Consulting Inc

The medium company finalists for 2011: Mindy Harter, Leatherman Tool Group; Toni Jaffe, Northwest Evaluation Association; Cindy Raz, EthicsPoint, Inc

And finally, this years large company finalists: Debbie Burke, TriQuint Seminconductor, Inc; Yvonne Deckard, City of Portland; Denise Macrigeanis, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

The one finalist for the “Organizational Excellence Award” is David Evans & Associates, Inc., I guess there’s no mystery about who’s going to win that award.

This years presenting sponsor is the Portland Human Resources Management Association. PHRMA, has been a Portland Human Resources staple since 1947. The four sustaining sponsors are Boly Welch, Mercer, Kaiser Permanente, and Stoel Rives LLP Attorneys at Law. The event should be a well catered, enjoyable way for HR professionals, to interact, network, and recognize one another for their important and beneficial work.

This is the time of year that Business Journals, and other such publications and organizations hold awards ceremonies for professionals accomplishments in the past year all over the world. If there’s a similar awards ceremony for HR professionals in your area, and you’re able to go, I suggest you do it. Not only will you have a nice time sharing a meal with like-minded HR professionals, but you can learn a lot about your trade as well. There’s no better way to improve your own performance, than to watch what others are doing right and take note. It’s a wonderful opportunity for HR pros to have an example of what someone is doing right.

Any readers in the Portland, OR area have any guesses for who’s going to take home the awards? Share who an why in the comments.

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