Named One of Top Five Innovative Human Resource Technologies of 2012, an up and coming  job hunting website based in Orange County,  is being recognized as one of the top five most innovative human resource technologies of 2012  in this year’s iTalent Competition. The competition takes place today, during the HROA Today Forum & Workforce Congress. The other four finalists are: JobEscrow, The Good Jobs, Kapta Systems and Degreed. While I wish them all luck, My Next Gig has taken the combination of social networking and HR to new heights, and in new and exciting ways, and I think, deserve to win.

Co-founder and CEO of, Richard Linden, weighed in on the honor.

“Being recognized as one of the nation’s top emerging human resource technologies is thrilling. Our vision is to create the nation’s most successful job seeking website, and this announcement puts our company one step closer.”

“To achieve this level of recognition is gratifying and demonstrates faith in our innovative approach human resources,” said David Linden, co-founder and President of “Our company is focused on providing our clients with the most user-friendly service by offering real-time notifications for open positions and simple one click applications.”

My Next Gig’s target demographic is young job-seekers, and it mostly features hourly-wage jobs. There’s something for everyone however, and it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for a job, no matter what your age. Rusty, Volcom, Paul Frank and O’Neil have all used My Next Gig to hire.

My Next Gig offers user profiles that allow employees to personalize, and “brand” themselves, while giving employers a glimpse into their true selves. Sites like this will likely become more and more popular, and are already evolving the face of HR. It’s not surprising that a social networking based job search website would be successful, nor that it would be honored by the HR community for its usefulness. The winner will be known soon, who do you think should win?

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