More Job Openings Could Mean a Light at the End of the Tunnel

One of the world’s largest temp agencies, Manpower Inc. (MAN),  said this week that it’s employment index rose to 9 percent, there has not been that high of a reading since 2008. This comes after government data suggested that job openings in December are higher than they have been since 2009.  In addition, and perhaps as a result of these positive signs, January to March of 2012 is speculated to bring a surge of hiring by U.S. employers. These are much needed signs of optimism for job-seekers, who haven’t gotten a piece of good news in well. . . years.

Job openings are usually a good indicator of hiring in the future months, because most positions take at least a month, and sometimes up to three months, to fill. This should come as both a relief and a warning to HR professionals, who do the majority of hiring for most companies. Recent years have left those in the HR industry inundated with applicants, and lacking in positions to offer.

While the outlook is a good sign, it will take more than a few small implications of economic improvement to undo the years of damage done by the great recession. As a result of this, HR professionals can expect a high number of applicants for each open position. While more job openings may come as somewhat of a relief to those in HR, it certainly won’t make their jobs any easier. That said, it will likely make their jobs more enjoyable, helping connect professionals with positions they are qualified for.

So HR professionals, enjoy your holidays because after New Years, your job is going to get busy. Just remember that more jobs means more job security for you. For those of you who are looking for work in the HR field, good luck, and try and get ahead of your competition by applying before the holidays, your persistence will not go unnoticed. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come, and job prospects will continue to grow. I think that’s something that both people looking to hire, and get hired can agree on.

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