Kenexa Bought out by IBM, Resumator Swoops in on Kenexa Clients

In an attempt to “Bolster Social Business Initiatives,” IBM bought out Kenexa, the well-known HR software design company. The news of the buy out comes after Kenexa customers were dealt a significant price increase. Needless to say many customers are feeling very disenfranchised.

Seeing this is an opportunity, competing company The Resumator, took action. The Resumator is “A collaborative web-based recruiting platform boasting over 1,200 clients worldwide, first gained ground with start-ups and now provides hiring software and support to web 2.0 giants Pinterest, HootSuite, Atari, Instagram, Klout, Mashable and Tumblr.” In a bold and brilliant move to generate customers and PR for the company, The Resumator, has stepped in to offer former Kenexa customers cut-rate deals, that are difficult to deny.

“As much as we like to take credit for good ideas, this one wasn’t completely our own,” says CEO and Founder of The Resumator, Don Charlton. “We were inspired when several current Kenexa clients contacted us, unsolicited. They told us they’d already been feeling disenchanted by Kenexa’s less-than-ideal customer support and recent rate increases. They saw the IBM acquisition as an opportunity to look at other hiring platforms and they wanted to know what we could do for them. The Resumator SwitchOver Package is our answer.”

With so many hot tech companies choosing The Resumator as their hiring software, it’s likely those who make the switch won’t regret it. Klout Talent Acquisition Expert, Hootan Altafi, sings The Resumator’s praises stating that it “Reduced cost per hire by 85%.” The Resumator was also named one of 100 Brilliant Companies of 2011 by Entrepreneur Magazine. With jaw-drop inducing good deals for former Kenexa customers as part of “The Resumator SwitchOver Package,” it’s likely they will see a huge surge in  customers.

The shockingly good deals in the The Resumator SwitchOver Package, include a “50% decrease in costs….[ in addition to] incentives such as zero set-up fees, all-inclusive pricing for a fixed multi-year enterprise subscription, unlimited users, jobs and applicants, integrated social hiring features, and a branded job board.” If anyone is thinking about switching from Kenexa… you might want to look into The Resumator.

This whole situation just goes to show how fast the HR technology world moves. Tech in general is fickle, when you add in a diverse and fairly new industry like HR, it makes for some interesting and unpredictable situations. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and whether Kenexa will be able to recover from the cost increase, buy-out, and now fierce competition.

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