India, China, Russia and Brazil’s hiring outlook strong

This week, Career Builder, along with Harris Interactive, released a survey, on the hiring outlook for the globes top ten economies. Brazil, India, China, Germany, Japan, UK, US, France, Italy and Russia were surveyed. Not surprisingly, India, Brazil, and China, came in at the top when it came to the highest rate of respondents planning on hiring in 2013. With so much of the world’s products made in these countries, it’s not hard to imagine why the job market is the best in these nations.

“The job outlook presents varying degrees of growth and deceleration as governments and businesses strive to rebuild and expand and deal with large deficits,” said CEO of CareerBuilder, Matt Ferguson. “Hiring activity in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) is projected to be significantly higher than other markets while recruitment in Europe remains sluggish as leaders struggle to resolve a debt crisis that has global implications.  The overall hiring picture is improving, but companies will remain watchful as they navigate headwinds and maneuver through somewhat precarious economic terrain.” He continued.

In the US and the UK, over half of participating organizations said they were better off this year than last, but that didn’t necessarily translate into expected hiring. Perhaps the modest projections were due to the fact that the survey was administered in November of 2012, when the fiscal cliff was still looming.

“More than 60 percent of employers reported that they are in a better financial position than last year and more than 40 percent said their sales increased over the last six months,” said Ferguson  “While this bodes well for job creation, employers are still assessing the implications of a weakened global market and a modest recovery at home. The guarded approach to hiring that has been evident over the last few years was sustained in part by concerns over the fiscal cliff during the time of the survey. We don’t expect 2013 to bring any big surprises in regard to employment, rather it will continue on a path of stability and gradual growth barring any significant economic disruptions.”

With the fiscal cliff averted, albeit narrowly, perhaps some of those companies who were hesitant about hiring when asked in November, have changed their minds. Hiring will be an integral part of improving the economy as a whole, so hopefully those companies who can afford to hire, will. Even though the economy is still recovering slowly, the good news is it’s recovering. The attached graph shows the ten countries with the most optimistic hiring outlook in 2013, according to Career Builder’s data.

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