Improve Employee Engagement with Tracking and Rewards and Recognition Programs

According to SHRM’s 2012 winter report, employee engagement continues to top the list of concerns for HR professionals. With this in mind, one would think improving engagement is on the top of every HR pros to-do list. While everyone in the HR field may be talking about how to improve engagement among their employees, not everyone is taking the steps to do so. Tracking engagement among employees can help organizations assess their performance, and figure out exactly what they need to improve. Rewards and recognition programs are a proven method of increasing engagement as well. With tracking and recognition programs, you can potentially improve engagement, while measuring the effects.

94% of the 770 managerial or above HR pros who took the SHRM survey, named engagement as an important, or very important challenge in the workplace. Unfortunately, even though such high percentage of high-level HR pros know how important engagement is, only 63% track employee engagement.  Another study by Towers Watson found that a 15% increase in employee engagement, led to a 2% increase in ROS. With new research steadily being released, that continually show the positive effects of employee engagement, it’s time for more HR pros to begin tracking employee engagement in one way or another. Of course, tracking engagement alone, will not be enough to improve employee engagement.

An affordable, and effective method many HR pros are turning to, is rewards and recognition programs. In fact, according to a Bersin and Associates study titled Employee Recognition Framework” in organizations where employees are recognized, the average score for employee engagement, employee productivity and customer satisfaction increased by approximately 14% as opposed to organizations who don’t have a system to recognize employees in place. It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of rewards programs however, because although 80% of organizations have some sort of recognition program in place, a staggering 87% of those organizations have no method in place to track it. As I mentioned previously in my post on recognition programs and ROI, while not many do track the results of recognition programs, those who do, tend to be very satisfied with their results. So if you’re wondering about a good, cost-effective way to improve employee engagement, think about starting or improving your current, rewards and recognition program.

While everyone in HR knows that employee engagement is important, not everyone knows exactly what they can do to change it. Tracking can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses regarding engagement. Rewards and recognition programs can help improve engagement by encouraging employees to do well so they can get the reward and/or recognition they crave. These tools used together, can be a powerful helping hand in improving employee engagement.

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