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Two very influential online HR forces went public with their union today, when announced as a new partner. is an online business-to-business marketing service and software, which has worked with almost 1,000 different companies helping produce web-site traffic, publicity, and potential sales., is the largest HR social networking site and community, with over 200,000 members, it offers HR news, policy advice, and incredible networking capabilities.

The partnership will consist of publishing all of the press releases’s software creates. It will be a win-win partnership, providing with an even more broad, and applicable audience. in turn gets free, relevant, and interesting content that their users can enjoy and share with each other.

CEO and founder of Mark Willaman, had this to say about the new union:

“ is the industry’s largest social network and online community of HR executives, and an important addition to our growing news syndication network. We are committed to further expanding our syndication network to give HR vendors the widest possible exposure across the marketplace.”

Chief instigator and CEO of, Debbie McGrath added:

“The ability to showcase press releases from HRmarketer clients will provide our readers with a daily resource. This partnership coincides with our new social connection registration platform.  Members will be able to connect profiles with Facebook and LinkedIn, further expanding and sharing their expertise.”

Once again, it seems the professional world of Human Resources is becoming increasingly sophisticated, connected, and stream-lined. With the creation and constant improvement of Human Resources software, and social networking becoming an increasingly dominant part of every industry, especially one that’s main focus is people, it is truly a new frontier. For this reason it is important to subscribe to sites and services such as and It also provides another good reason to consider HR Certification.

Mergers such as this one, provide new and entertaining ways to connect with fellow HR professionals, and to learn about the trade. It should also serve as a reminder that there’s always more to learn and keep up on, due to the onslaught of new information associated with integrating technology into HR. Due to the ever-evolving nature of HR, and have a brilliant plan to get more information to more people, I personally look forward to the results.



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