HR Pro Tips: 7 Traits of Successful Employees

Years of working in HR give you a pretty good idea of what it takes to succeed in the workplace. Obviously, there a a whole slue of variables that factor into your success at work, from your qualifications to your personal life. There are steps you can take to ensure success at any position however, that are completely in your control. I’ve highlighted some of the most effective, and easiest to act on, habits of successful employees.

1. Is on time, and shows up!

As trite, repetitive, and obvious as this may sound, a stellar attendance record and a reputation for punctuality, show employers that you’re serious about your position and that you’re organized in your personal life.

2. Handles criticism and takes direction.

Everyone makes mistakes and has something to learn. So the ability to not only take criticism and direction but to learn from them, will get you very far in the workplace. Employers notice whether or not you improve based on their suggestions, and when you do, they’ll see it as a sign that you’re ready to move up the professional ladder in the future.

3. Thinks about the “big picture.”

For any company, the larger-scale long-term goals, are as important, possibly even more vital, than whatever short-term performance goals your employer has laid out for you. If you show interest and thoughtfulness regarding your companies big-picture goals in your work-performance, it will show employers that you are a great candidate for a larger role within the company.

4.  Always looking for opportunities to continue training.

No matter what your position is, there’s always room to grow and improve. By taking advantage of any and all training opportunities available through your workplace, you are proving your constant dedication to self-improvement. All the best employees want to learn as much as they can about their company an position so they can perform at their very best level.

5. Thinks outside the box.

Innovative thinking is key to the success of any company. If you can prove your value to employers by presenting ideas that are unique and thoughtful, they will take note. The ability to think creatively, and apply it to business, is also a habit present in great leaders, which will make other leaders take note.

6. Is a good team player.

The ability to work independently is always great, but to work well within a team is a skill that employers look at very positively. Being a great team player includes being willing to train employees who are less knowledgeable than you, being able to adapt your own ideas to fit in with others, and just being pleasant to people in general.

7. Has a positive attitude.

As redundant as it may seem, as with everything in life, attitude is everything! Being optimistic is contagious, and even if you’re struggling with certain aspects of your job, staying positive speaks volumes for your character.

So there you have it, 7 traits an employee can easily work on, that will most definitely improve your work life. Take it from an HR professional, if you work on personifying these traits into your work style, any other issues you may have at work will eventually subside. Work on portraying these traits, and soon enough you will be the successful employee you have always anted to be.


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