HR Departments, and a Focus on Retention, can Help Improve Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

The Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) Review reported today, that high turnover rates are largely responsible for patient dissatisfaction in the health care field. The report suggested that there were  several ways HR departments could help improve patient care quality. These HR functions varied but all related to retention. There are many ways to go about improving turnover rates, and once some methods for improvement are put into place, retention should happen naturally.

In order to reduce turnover, one must first hire the right person for the job. One way to help ensure this as an HR  professional, is to obtain and utilize behavioral assessment software. Behavioral assessment software is a branch of HRMS. If you are looking to purchase an HRMS system for your workplace, make sure to consider whether or not it provides behavioral assessment capabilities, and how important that is for your office or workplace.  If retention is a top priority for productiveness and/or customer (or in this case, patient) satisfaction then  making sure your HRMS includes BAS capabilities is probably a good idea.

Another element in employee satisfaction and retention is offering incentives for top-earning or performing employees.  As mentioned in my Top Ten Workplace Trends of 2012 post, rewarding employees for a job well done shows them that you notice their hard-work, and gives them incentive to keep performing well. If your firm is small and can’t afford to pay employees as competitively as you’d like, even a non-monetary award can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated. If you can afford monetary incentives and awards then by all means offer them, this will help reward only the best employees, and encourage the less productive staff members to work harder. Instituting rewards and incentive programs is a sure fire way to keep top performers around.

While this specific report related to reducing turnover in healthcare, I think it’s safe to say that instituting these retention methods is a good idea for all work environments. Training new employees is costly for a number of reasons, and the less often you have to do it, the more efficient, productive and effective your workforce is going to be. By employing discerning hiring methods with the help of things like BAS, and rewarding top performing employees, you can effectively weed out the ineffective applicants, and retain the worthy employees. Of course there are many ways you can do this, but BAS, and rewards and recognition seem to be the most simple and effective ways to ensure a lower turnover rate in the workplace.

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