HR Certification Institute Goes Global

According to the HR Certification Institute’s site the “HR Certification Institute is a global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles.” So in order to keep with their global leader status, HRCI  is adding two more certifications to their catalog.  The new certifications focus on international HR trends and policies, and are the Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP℠) and Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP℠) certifications.

“We are very excited to broaden our comprehensive portfolio by offering the new HRBP and HRMP credentials. These credentials offer HR professionals who have mastered their country’s HR practices and regulations a way to prove and showcase their skills in both the strategic and technical aspects of the profession.” Explains executive director of the Institute, Mary Power, CAE, CMP.

“As we become an increasingly interconnected global marketplace, these certifications will make it easy to indicate the level of professionalism and proficiency an HR professional has should you be working with him or her on a business venture, a new office or on a project for a multi-national company,” Power went on.

The new certifications will focus on “globally relevant HR concepts that are common across geographic locations” according to Powers.  The new certifications will show mastery in general HR practices that are cross-cultural and accepted by the international HR community at large. It differs from the previous Global Human Resources (GHR) because the GHR focuses exclusively with global policy regarding HR. It seems the impacts of HR are being felt world-wide.

Before these new additions, HRCI offered three certifications. These certifications were Professional Human Resources (PHR)Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR), and the aforementioned GHR.  These certifications were great ways for HR pros to assert and prove their authority. These new certifications open up opportunities for HR practitioners all over the globe. With HR continuing to grow as an industry and power house in business, there has never been a better time to capitalize on the many available chances to provide evidence of your level of professionalism.

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