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The University at Buffalo’s Millard Fillmore College, offers a one-of-a-kind Human Resource Assistant Certificate Program that’s produced approximately 150 certificate holders.  The program is unique in that it is designed for people breaking into HR, as opposed to most HR certificate programs, which are aimed at those already in the field. Luckily for anyone who wants to get into HR, and doesn’t live in Buffalo, as of this week, this course is available for everyone, online.

Who should consider taking this course? The wonderful thing about The Human Resource Assistant Certificate Program, is that it isn’t just for those in HR, or even those interested in breaking into HR. It’s even useful for folks who are forced to perform HR duties for financial reasons. Sue Czyrny, SPHR and implementation consultant at ADP Major Accounts explains:

“The course provides a solid foundation for someone starting in the role of human resource assistant or human resource coordinator,” says Sue “It is also great for the non-HR person who may have to assume some of those tasks due to cutbacks.”

Another reason business owners, and specifically start-ups, are being targeted, is because they understand the financial incentives. The course goes over information regarding how to avoid audits, which as a small-business owner knows, can be costly.

Nicastro, SPHR and HR director of Kenmore Mercy Hospital, thinks  having an understanding of the courses curriculum will “help a business’s core foundation be sound, from an operations standpoint.”

“The course will pay for itself if it prevents you from having one audit by the state or federal government,” Nicastro says.

The course takes place over ten weeks, and has eleven teaching modules that go over HR functions. All students who successfully complete all eleven modules will receive their Human Resource Assistant Certificate from MFC.

Class begins on April 23, and registration will remain open up until then. More details are available at

For those of you out there reading this who aren’t already in HR, but are considering getting into the field, this may be the course for you. If you’re already in the field, then keep this in mind to recommend to friends who need to learn basic HR functions for their own businesses. It’s also helpful to know that this course is so highly regarded within the HR community for hiring purposes, and otherwise. All of the new online HR courses popping up (among other things) lead me to believe our field is growing. It’s a good time to be in HR.

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