HR and Social Media: It’s as Effective as it is Fun!

It’s impossible to ignore the impact social media has had on our lives. From Myspace to Facebook, the trend is growing into an increasingly powerful force that affects our lives, both socially and professionally. Those of us in Human Resources have witnessed an even more profound transformation, that of an industry. It’s a natural progression that an industry focused on people, would be benefited by something as personal as social media. The question is whether or not HR is truly benefiting from social media, or if it’s simply riding the wave. With the introduction of new HR social media based software such as mystaffingPro Elevate and Rypple, frequently emerging,  professional sites like LinkedIn which features a hugely popular HR group, Linked:HR, and even the research to prove it, I think it’s safe to say that HR has indeed reaped the benefits of social media.

Technology alone, without the addition of social media, transformed HR with HRMS. It made the collection of data associated with operating as an HR professional so much easier. Then came along social media which had many of its own unique uses as well. It helps with recruiting, whether you’re researching about an employee by viewing their Facebook page, or reviewing applications and profiles submitted via LinkedIn. There’s also countless HR groups on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the most popular being the above mentioned Linked:HR, which is Linked:In’s single largest group at over 627,500 members and growing. There’s also the introduction of new software such as mystaffingPro Elevate, which helps ease the recruitment process by utilizing social media site’s information, and Rypple which operates as a fun to use social performance review app of sorts. It’s no wonder some people are saying that if you don’t use social media as an HR professional, you are really missing out.

Perhaps the most damning evidence that social media is revolutionizing our field, came when Bersin and Associates, a hugely effective HR consulting firm, released new research today “proving that organizations that excel at social networking and informal learning significantly outperform their less sophisticated peers in global talent development.” The results are in, and social media isn’t just fun for HR professionals to use, it helps us operate more effectively.

If you are in HR and not knowledgeable about social media, there are some easy places to start. I would recommend creating a basic LinkedIn account, because it’s the most beneficial professionally, and then joining Linked:HR. That group produces so much useful content, and reviews so many HR trends, social media related and otherwise, that it should keep you busy, and fill you in. It’s also easy to use. If you find that you really enjoy LinkedIn and you’d like to extend social media to your personal life as well, then move on to Facebook. Once you’ve mastered social media, maybe you’ll want to consider adding something like mystaffingPro Elevate to your companies HRMS. According to Bersin and Associates, the more you integrate social media into HR, the more effective you are at developing employees. So, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to evaluate your best course of action with social media.

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