HR and Social Media: HR Services Introduces myStaffingPro Elevate Social Recruiting Software

In what appears to be a growing trend, HR Services announced the release of myStaffingPro Elevate, a social recruiting software. The software uses their existing applicant tracking system and combines it with social media, expediting things and saving users money. The benefits and uses of integrating social media and HR software are fully explained in the myStaffingPro guide for people in HR utilizing social media, called From Talent Pools to Talent Communities. The guide and the software will be released alongside each other this week. Social media is transforming the way HR operates, and myStaffingPro if offering solutions to bridge the existing gaps.

“Our clients are tapping social media to generate brand awareness and create emotional connections. We have built myStaffingPro Elevate as a customer-friendly system where applicants may apply from Facebook or LinkedIn, and from mobile devices,” says Bob Schulte, myStaffingPro CEO. “We created it specifically to address a practical integration of social media tools. With this software, our clients can automate job board posting, Facebook and LinkedIn “sharing” and other methods for getting the word out and bringing qualified applicants on board.”

It seems myStaffingPro is confident that social media will continue to have a large influence on HR. They recommend that alongside integrating social media with existing HRMS, companies create a social media strategy. With the way social media has revolutionized the way we live, it’s not hard to imagine it will do the same to some workplaces.

Social media has had as big of an impact on HR as it has any other industry. Sites like LinkedIn, have turned out to be a very transformative and useful for HR professionals. Many HR professionals, have changed their online application process by giving applicants the option to sync their application with their LinkedIn profile, saving both the applicant and the employer time. It also puts a face and personality on applicants, which HR professionals can use to determine whether or not the applicant will be  a good fit for the company.

There’s no denying social media’s enormous impact on our lives and in some cases workplaces as well. HR Services is wise to realize this and create products accordingly. With social media proving to be so beneficial for HR, it is my guess, that just like with HRMS, there will be a lot of options popping up for HR professionals to take full advantage of social media.

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