How to get the Most out of Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is an undeniable phenomenon. Being in HR and recruiting, will soon be synonymous with using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find talent. But simply posting job listings, and sending out InMails to prospective candidates isn’t enough. In fact it’s not even close to enough. Social recruiting is only successful, if you have an engaging, and connected online presence. So here’s some tips on how to get and keep, your audience engaged.

  • Create an engaging and authentic online presence.

In order to get peoples attention on any social media site, you have to appeal to them personally. Appearing too generic and contrived is going to automatically dissuade most users. At the same time, you want to present an image that accurately reflects your organizations culture. The more real you appear, the more users want to connect and interact with you.

“It’s about being human”, says Bill Boorman, who writes the Recruiting Unblog. “People connect with people, not brands. Connect with everyone because you never know who will make that referral or connection for you.”

  • Share diverse and overall high-quality content.

Even though it’s all about being personal, you still have to be interesting. Just posting job-listings will alienate your audience and cause them to automotically disregard what you share. Share about projects you’re working on an excited about, products you use for work and like, companies who you’re working with, and anything else that you yourself would find interesting if someone shared it.  Also, make sure you are sharing pictures, videos and relevant links to articles, in addition to your standard updates. Talented Gen Y employees want to see that your brand is current and hip, and a few words about your day here and there aren’t going to cut it.

  • Utilize your top-performers networks.

It’s well known that the most talented, and motivated individuals, tend to run in the same circles. So take advantage of that fact. Create already written, easy to share, short, content, and encourage your employees to share it. If you can get one or two of your top employees to share a job listing with their inner circle, you’ve just opened up your own network to countless other talented, and connected individuals. Getting the word out to the right people has never been so easy.

  • Use social media to get more information about candidates.

Sure, a candidate may have thousands of twitter followers, and hundreds of recommendations on Linked:In, but are they really right for the job? Before social media, we really only had a resume, a few short phone calls, and maybe a cover-letter to give us an idea of who our potential employees were. Now we have social-media which provides us a wealth of information not only on the employee, but on their relationships with past and present colleagues. There are also tools that provide more information such as Smarterer tests and the Predictive Index® (PI®) assessment tool. There’s never been a better time to get the scoop on candidates.

  • Respect candidates, and they’ll respect your company.

Just because someone was not a perfect fit for the position they interviewed for, doesn’t mean they might not be a good fit for another position in the future. So it’s important to let candidates know whether or not they got the job. It can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth to, interview and follow-up, only to be repeatedly ignored. Make sure you contact everyone you interviewed in order to thanks them for their time and give them a definitive answer. If you leave potential candidates feeling positive and respected whether or not they got the job, they’ll be more likely to reapply at your organization, or recommend it to colleagues, in the future.



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