HR Resource for Hiring People with Disabilities

I am excited to announce that we have just published a comprehensive guide to hiring and employing employees with disabilities on the website.  Our goal is to provide best practices, checklists, and resources for human resource professionals to use in their pursuit to create an inclusive work environment.  I thought I would write a blog to provide an overview of what I’ll be including within the resource:

The Business Case for Hiring Employees with Disabilities:

There are five reasons, as outlined by the ODEP, for including employees with disabilities in your workforce.  In addition to the obvious reason of social responsibility, it has been found that including individuals with disabilities can help with productivity, workplace innovation, and yes, the bottom line.  Employees with disabilities are also less likely to turnover and remain loyal to the company as long as reasonable accommodation is provided to them and a positive and inclusive work environment.

Recruiting & Hiring

There are special considerations to make when recruiting and hiring applicants with disabilities.  You must think about the manner in which you are posting jobs, where they are being posted, and how you will respond to inquiries.  We will outline the special rules involved in recruiting, the pre employment process, working with Schedule A,  and hiring.

Reasonable Accommodation

When an employer hires an employee with a disability, they must make “reasonable accommodations” to the work environment, facilities, computers, and workspace to ensure that the employee may effectively conduct their job duties. In our publication, we will outline the basics of reasonable accommodation, what it entails, and best practices for handling accommodation requests.  We will provide checklists, pointers, best practices, and we will point you in the right direction for further information.

Performance Management

There are often many questions that arise surrounding performance management issues and the employees with disabilities.  The ADA makes it clear that they should be held to the same standards as others; however, there are special considerations that must be made, particularly with questions of whether the accommodations made are effecting performance or the work environment.

We will be rolling out the full resource in the coming weeks and we hope you will find it useful and informative.

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