Future for HR Pros Looking Good, According to Survey

It’s very rare that during my daily search of HR happenings on the web, I find a survey that’s worth its weight in gold in terms of its informational value. Lexis Nexis, and Xpert HR teamed up to carry-out such a survey.  2018 Social Security Taxable Wage Base Inches Up, is a data powerhouse that every HR professional should read. As John Hollon from TLNT describes the survey in his blog post, New Study Finds That HR’s C-Suite Influence is Increasing — a Lot; “a survey that serves up so much information that it becomes really difficult to simply characterize it in an article or blog post.”

Now for the numbers. The survey’s methodology was described in the findings as such: “XpertHR collected data from 156 senior HR professionals, the majority of whom held positions at HR director level or above, using an online research methodology developed by XpertHR over 10 years in international HR studies.” The report on the survey states. “They spoke on behalf of organizations operating in all sectors of the economy and with workplaces in every US state. Together they have 1,978 HR staff and 219,302 employees.” The report continues.

The data was also separated into three economic sectors: private sector services; manufacturing and production; and the public sector. Employer size was another determining factor for reviewing the data. Again, three sets of employer sizes were used to analyze the data. Companies with 1-249 employees, 250-999 employees and 1,000-plus employees.

In terms of a positive outlook for HR pros, this assertion was represented by a number of data sets. Hollon went on in his post, to review and summarize the optimistic HR data. Here are three of the positive survey findings Hollon outlined in his post:

  • HR budgets have increased steadily. Overall HR budgets have increased by 36 percent, while activities budgets have increased by 33 percent over past two years.
  • Almost half (45.5 percent) of HR pro survey participants expect an additional HR budget increase over the next two annual cycles. Only 10.9 percent  of those surveyed feared that HR budgets would be reduced.
  • 39.7 percent of survey participants expect HR activities budgets to increase in the next two coming years as well.

“We found that HR professionals overall are optimistic about the future, especially when it comes to increased budgets and spending,” says content head at XpertHR Peggy Carter-Ward. Her statements were issued via a press release summarizing the study’s findings. “HR’s influence in the workplace is also increasing, which is an indicator that HR practitioners will be playing an even more crucial leadership role in their organizations’ success.”

The survey, as well as Hollon’s subsequent post, are a great read for anyone even remotely related to the HR game. Not only is it inspiring to see a surge in the amount of respect and influence HR pros wield, but it’s good information for any business person to know. So if you only read one HR related article (other than this one) today, have it be this survey.

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