Focus on HR: Top 3 Things Your Organization can do to Emphasize HR

A recent column written about HR titled “Jon Kantor Column: Make HR a Priority” details some of the ways an organization can beef up their HR department. There are so many methods you can use to improve or emphasize your HR department, but Kantors column helped highlight the 3 most important steps you can take to reinforcing HR in your organization. Since this was more of a blog for the non-HR pro to understand the function of HR better, I’ve also picked up where he left off on a few of the subjects, adding some insight. Recruitment and training, performance assessments and rewards and recognition programs, and instilling and maintaining a workplace culture, are three things you can do to make HR a priority in your organization successfully.

1. Recruitment and Training

This is one of the main functions that an HR department serves within an organization, so if you emphasize it, you will enhance your organizations HR. You can improve and prioritize your current recruitment and training process, by changing the methods you use to hire new employees. A common new method that’s seeing a lot of attention and success is social recruiting, the use of social networking sites to recruit and hire new talent. Training and developing the new hires, is also a job for HR. There are many successful ways to go about doing this. Whatever you do to train and develop your employees, a regimented training and development program must be in place. Buddy systems, or mentors, provide people with a personal interest in their development process, and have a track record for success within the HR community. No matter what methods you choose for recruitment and training, if you emphasize them, you’ll reinforce your HR department.

2. Performance Assessment and Rewards and Recognition.

While assessing the performance of employees is an important part of what HR does, there is some debate over the most effective way to do this. The old model of formal performance evaluations is quickly becoming dated, and often seen as ineffective by both HR and the employees receiving the evaluations. While it is necessary for HR to assess how their employees are doing, and whether or not they’re meeting their goals, formal evaluations may not be the best way to do it. More and more HR departments are turning to the much more fun, and successful route, of rewards and recognition programs. This allows you to evaluate employees performances, while positively reinforcing high achievers within the organization.

3. Instilling and Maintaining a Positive Workplace Culture

This is possibly the most important aspect to HR because it’s very all-inclusive. Maintaining a workplace culture involves everything from workplace safety, obtaining and keeping good benefits, to conflict/dispute resolution. An HR person acts as the laison between the organization and the employee, and because of this, it’s vitally important that HR keeps this balance. The most effective way to maintain and instill workplace culture is to create infrastructure for employees. Good benefits, incentives, and an overall pleasant work environment, are all ways to maintain and instill a positive workplace culture.



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