Depaul Industries to Employ 3,900 People with Disabilties by 2016

Depaul Industries in Portland, Oregon, the self-proclaimed “Most Comprehensive Outsourcing Specialists in the Northwest,” has unfolded a 5-year strategic plan, including goals to drastically increase revenue and the numbers of people with disabilities who are hired. The plan is aimed to increase revenue to $86.5 million, and employ 3,900 people with disabilities by 2016. The plan caters to both customers and those with disabilities looking to become employed.

The release of the plan comes in the wake of DePaul Industries’ 40th anniversary in 2011. DePaul began as a small, standard, staffing non-profit and has morphed into the enormous outsourcing venture it is today. DePaul Industries is already a rapidly growing outsourcing giant, and its strategic plan seems to intend to keep it that way.

This is good, but not surprising news for those of us in the business of hiring, Human Resources. The ADA, USBLN and many other federal organizations have made the information available for the business case for hiring people with disabilities for quite some time, it was just a matter of time before major enterprises such as Depaul Industries acted on this knowledge. After yesterdays news of the $1.37-$1.94 trillions lost each year due to the lack of people with disabilities in the workforce, this comes as a sigh of relief.

Hiring people with disabilities is not only an ethical, and socially responsible thing to do, it also helps make a profit for your company. Kudos to Depaul Industries for taking the initiative and proving themselves to be not only an ethically responsible organization, but a fiscally responsible one as well. Those of us in HR can appreciate these kinds of responsible decisions, as the small victories for human-kind that they are.

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